Aluminium Tools

Demaro specialises in the provision of aluminium tools, servicing and general workshop supplies. We have great insight into the aluminium industry in South Africa. Our specialists are able to assist you in choosing the suitable tool for your requirements while providing you with knowledge of how to utilise the tool. All of our aluminium tools are manufactured in Germany to their highest quality ensuring that our valued customers use the most durable tools. If you are planning on working on an aluminium DIY project and require cutting and drilling tools, Demaro is the solution.

Our range of aluminium tools includes:

Single and Double Cutters

These two products can be used to cut into different profiles of aluminium, depending on the thickness of the material.

  • Single Flute Cutter HSS-E
  • Single Flute Cutter HSS-E – stepped shank
  • Slot milling cutter HSS-E
  • Trip drill Unit

(And more)

Screwdriver Bits

Demaro offers a wide range of quality screwdriver bits that have been designed to offer you an exceptional user experience. Our range of screwdriver bits includes:

  • Bit extension for bits with male thread M5
  • Insert Bits
  • Socket Driver with Permanent Magnet

Gasket Tooling

Gasket tools have numerous benefits that will to assist you in achieving the set objectives of your project. Quality gasket tools are available at Demaro such as, gasket rollers, gasket scissors, gasket shears, notching pliers and V-notch gasket shears.

Drill Bits / Step Drill Bits

An addition to our aluminium tool range is drill bits and step drill bits. These are cutting tools that are used to create a cylindrical hole into the material. At Demaro we have a variety of sizes which can be utilized for a wide range of purposes.

For more information on aluminium tools contact Demaro today.