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Dealing with blunt saws

Demaro is the perfect solution for your blunt saw blades. Aluminium saws are made from tungsten carbide (K20); carbide is a wearable material and, therefore, the saws should be serviced every 7 working days. Overrunning aluminium saws cause issues with poor quality, damage saws and broken teeth.

The saw gets a rounded edge and it might happen that your tool has been run beyond use; either it has been chipped badly or completely overrun.

Another very important factor is process fluid for aluminium saws, which are sold per litre or in spray cans. The spray or fluid increases the lifespan of a blade and allows for a quality cut.

Repairs and re-tipping saws we

Here at Demaro, we are able to assist you with repairing and re-tipping your tool in tungsten carbide and diamond saws. Demaro understands the customer’s needs, and we focus all our efforts on providing prompt and efficient service delivery.

At Demaro, we value our customers and strive to assist you in whichever way we can.

Demaro focuses on four sectors:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Non-wood

If you would like more information on our repairs and re-tipping services, contact 011 794 9745 or