News!! Tungsten Carbide Sawblade & Diamond Sharpening

Working on a “do it yourself” project can be frustrating, however, using worn out tools can be a daunting experience.  The tools you make use of play a crucial role in the production time of your project and the quality of the cut. Constant usage wears down the sharpness of the sawblade resulting in messy cuts. Demaro is the perfect solution for your blunt sawblade.

Our specialists in the Demaro operations team have great insight into the market. The tools we use are focused on three sectors; the aluminium, wood, plastic and non-wood. Repairs & retipping saws could be less of a hassle if you let a professional take care of it on your behalf. It might happen that your tool has been sharpened beyond use; either it has been chipped badly or you are contemplating changing its profile.

We at Demaro are able to assist you by repairing and re-tipping your tool in Tungsten Carbide and Diamond Saw’s. We use high quality machinery to sharpen any of your tools. This is cost efficient when compared to replacing it with a new one. Saving you the time to strategize around your project so you can fulfil your its objectives.

Demaro understands the customers’ needs and focus all our efforts on providing a prompt and efficient service delivery.  If you would like more information on our repairs and retipping services then contact 0117949745 or Demaro today.