Planer Blades HSS

Planer blades are widely used on South Africa, and they are used in a cutter head for multipurpose applications for pre planning with large chip removal and finish planning on four sided moulders. Planer blades can be sharpened or are resharpenable and in block use pressure springs to position the blade to define the cutting circle by setting gauge. Planer blades come in different materials HS, HW and coated.

They can fit into alumiumin bodies and steel bodies. Planer blades come in different sizes (standard lengths) 130, 150, 180, 230, 240 and longer units if required.

Planer blades can be used in soft wood up to 15.0 mm and hard wood up to 10.0.

Summary of planer blades-

  • Correct knife projection as a max 2mm
  • The screws on the block for planer blades should be tightened from the middle outwards
  • Setting gauge should be used to set knives
  • The planer knives are held by the wedge and clamping screws
  • After sharpening the planer blades check the minimum height marked on the tool body.
  • Used on a four sided moulder