Saw Retipping

At Demaro Tool we do saw retipping in our workshop from the smallest diameter to 800 diameter on our invert welder. All cutting materials on the saws we use are designed to create longer tool life by quality materials and the grade of material. A saw or cutter can be convert once retipped into any tooth style for the different materials, hard materials, and soft materials to maintain a better cutting edge. Tungsten saws offer the highest design of freedom and can be used anywhere. Alternate shear cuts can also be placed onto saw blades to offer different designs for different materials.

Tungsten carbide is manufactured in a powder metallurgical process by mixing and pressing the basic powder materials, followed by sintering at high pressures and highest temperatures. Saws when retipped undergo a complete process to ensure safety of weld and quality checks on seating angles. We can retip diamond saws here at Demaro and erode them to the complete finish.

Carbide saws undergo wear on the tooth cutting edge after 8 hours of running. Once a carbide saw has undergo this wear it requires service to get the blade back to sharp edge.Clearence affects saw quality and you will find that once a saw has been retipped its cut if fantastic. Aluminium and wood saws require different clearances. In 2016 we face all the newest composite materials and composite materials consist of two or more materials that are combined. This kind of materials can damage your saws if you don’t use correct saw for the applications and the correct machine. Using a saw that has no clearance is a massive problem and will need retip together with quality tungsten and tooth angles
So remember when doing saw retipping to ask our technical rep more questions on if your saw is correct for application and ask if improve the geometry when retipped by Demaro tool.