Tungsten carbide saw blade sharpening:

We have the capacity and experience to re-sharpen tungsten carbide saw blades for different industries, for example:

  • Timber manufacturing
  • Aluminium and plastic
  • Automotive
  • Electronic components
  • Sign manufacture

Diamond saw blade sharpening:

Diamond saw blades need to be sharp if they are to perform their work well. Using a dull blade will result in jagged lines that will distort the overall design, not to mention it’s also infuriating to use a blunt blade.

Saw Repairs & Retipping:

Demaro SA repairs damaged saws, an action that requires years of practiced skill and training to get right.

Diamond router sharpening:

Adequately sharpened tools enhance productivity and results in high-quality finished product. All tools that we receive for servicing go through thorough cleaning and inspection to determine required processes, and accuracy on the needed operation.

Machine spares and accessories:

Whenever you buy machinery for your workshop, it is crucial to have back up spares for the parts that, in time, will endure wear and tear. Being aware of that need, Demaro has large stocks of various spare parts and accessories for you.

High-speed steel sharpening:

When grinding high-speed steel, it is essential to remember that it is abrasion and heat resistant; these two properties make it resistant to grinding. The solution is a diamond dresser mounted on a handle.

New machinery and handling systems:

Machinery that facilitates movement of materials from point A to B within the confines of a working area, we can cater to these specific needs. We offer a comprehensive range of all equipment required in the production industry.

Technical training of tools and equipment:

We also offer training on how to use the equipment, as well as some maintenance tips on how to keep them going for longer. Integral to us as we would want all our clients to have maximum output from machinery; ensuring that our machinery continues to have a longer service life.

Band saw Filing Products:

  • Single-cut saws: Have teeth on one side and cut only in one direction.
  • Double-cut saws: Have teeth on both sides and cuts from either front or back direction.
  • Sliver tooth saws: Have teeth on both sides with different profiles.

Circular Saw Benching:

  • Levelling is done with specialized hammers.
  • Can be solid tooth or have a carbide
  • Fatigue cracking of the tooth gullet isn’t as common as in band saws.

Saw Retipping:

Demaro SA also offers re-tipping services; re-tipping involves rebuilding an old instrument by recycling the handle. Re-tipping is a cost-effective alternative to buying new tools, providing you with an extended life for your milling cutters.

Spiral Cutters:

We specialize in offering a comprehensive selection of spiral cutters, encompassing a wide range of types and designs. . With various sizes, materials, and cutting capabilities available, customers can find the perfect spiral cutter for their specific tasks. Our commitment to providing top-quality tools ensures that customers have access to the latest innovations in spiral cutting technology. Whatever the project, our collection guarantees a suitable spiral cutter to achieve precise and efficient results.