Saw Repairs & Retipping:

Saws range is size, speed, ability and requirements, saws that are used in timber mills for example are large in size and costly to install or replace, therefore, careful maintenance is required for safe operation throughout its use. Demaro SA and Supplies offers high quality repair services for damaged saws, an offering which requires a high degree of skill from our team, taking many years of full-time saw filing to become a proficient staff member in this trade setting – a testament to the abilities of our knowledgeable team.

We offer the following band saw filing products:

  • Single-cut saws: Have teeth on one side and cut only in one direction.
  • Double-cut saws: Have teeth on both sides and cuts from either front or back direction.
  • Sliver tooth saws: Have teeth on both sides with different profiles.

At Demaro SA we inspect your equipment and saw for any imperfections or nicks before continuing with the needed repairs. Our team will then then gum, fit and bench the saw as necessary.


Demaro SA also offer re-tipping services; re-tipping involves rebuilding an old instrument by recycling the handle. The worn working ends of the instrument are removed from the handles. The handles are also inspected for cracks or other damage before the points are pulled as well as the instruments have been reassembled and polished. Re-tipping is a cost-effective alternative to buying new tools. Re-tipping also provides you an extended life for your milling cutters.

A few steps to follow when taking a blade for re-tipping with Demaro SA:

  • Give us the manufacturer’s spec sheet which shows the correct tooth size and width required, and the hook rake angles.
  • Incorrect angles can lead to blade wandering.
  • When blade is back, compare it to the other one you have.
  • Note how the blade performs on the mill and give us feedback.
  • Once you are satisfied with our service, you can recommend us to other mill owners.

Circular Saw Benching:

– Levelling is done with specialised hammers.

– Can be solid tooth or have a carbide

– Fatigue cracking of the tooth gullet isn’t as common as in band saws.

For all your saw repairs and re-tipping solutions, you need to do it right the first time and get it done by an expert service provider. We will also assist you with information to keep your blades safe and ensure that they last longer. Contact Demaro SA today!