Our products are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality, seeking to provide clients with the best possible tools around, we hold the manufacturing process to high standards always. An integral step in the design of the Demaro brand, these high quality tool offerings set us apart from the competition. With reliable German ingenuity behind out professional brand, we can offer a selection of items like no other. The company was started in Johannesburg in April 2014 and has since grown into a recognised, reliable source for premium level tools and equipment. With a direct line to our manufacturers we can ensure that all our products represent the same high standards we as a brand represent.

Whether working with wood, composite or aluminium, our range can give you the helping hand you need. Providing reversible drills, sawblades, drill bits, repair services and even cutting sprays, this is a full service brand that can ensure you receive only the highest quality tools in South Africa. Whether building at home, stocking up at the warehouse or working on site, these premium quality tools can stand up to the test and get the job done. No matter what you need, our professional, knowledgeable team can find you the items you need. With a full understanding of the industry and possible requirements, we can guide you towards the best items for your unique needs.

We boast a number of specialists within the Demaro operation, with years of experience and a host of valuable knowledge, a fully equipped understanding is the corner stone of our business strategy. Demaro SA focuses on three areas, aluminium, non-wood products and wood products, as well as boasting a service centre for after sales services.

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